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"Take the leap to reach your English goals!"

"I recently finished a 10-session program with Julie, and I am completely satisfied with the results. 

Since the first class, it was clear that she was an expert on the subject and created a safe space to practice and ask questions. I totally recommend Julie if you are looking for a coach who helps you improve the details of your accent that limit your communication or make you feel less confident. My best piece of advice is to take the leap to reach your English goals!"

Juan V., PhD Student, Spanish

Course curriculum

    1. Here's how you use this course [READ ME!]

    1. AA /æ/ and AH /ɑ/ Vowels | December 7, 2021

    2. AH /ɑ/ and UH /ʌ/ Vowels | September 7, 2021

    3. AY /eɪ/ and EH /ɛ/ Vowels | October 20, 2021

    4. EH /ɛ/ and AA /æ/ Vowels | January 31, 2022

    5. OO /u/ and UH /ʊ/ Vowels | December 15, 2021

    6. Vowel Length | October 11, 2021

    7. Vowel Nasalization | August 24, 2022

    1. Consonant Voicing | September 15, 2021

    2. Dark L /l/ | August 18, 2021

    3. Glottal Stop /ʔ/ | September 25, 2021

    4. Y /y/ and J /ʤ/ Consonants | August 10, 2021

    5. All About the Flap /ɾ/ | May 11, 2022

    6. Nasal Plosion | June 9, 2022

    1. 3-syllable Words | January 11, 2022

    2. Nouns vs. Verbs | November 10, 2021

    3. Stress in Sentences | March 14, 2022

    4. Stress: Shifting Focus | January 5, 2022

    5. Dropped Syllables (aka Vowel Syncope) | May 3, 2022

    6. Stress: Suffixes | July 6, 2022

    7. The -s Ending | July 14, 2022

    8. Stress Shift: Attributive Nouns and Adjectives (numbers) | August 4, 2022

    9. The -ed Ending | September 22, 2022

    1. Statements vs. Questions | November 16, 2021

    2. Intonation: Emotions | April 20, 2022

    3. Intonation: Lists, Choices, Tag Questions | July 19, 2022

    1. Function Word Reductions | March 22, 2022

    2. Reductions of the word "have" | Part 1 - December 12, 2021

    3. Reductions of the word "have" | Part 2 - December 28, 2021

    4. Pronoun Reductions | August 26, 2021

About this course

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  • 57 lessons
  • 54 hours of video content

"I have renewed confidence in my accent capability."

"I had the pleasure of working with Julie on my standard American accent.

Her knowledge and supportive instruction style made the experience truly enjoyable and worthwhile. Her professional yet easy going manner made me feel comfortable from the outset. Julie was encouraging, enthusiastic and most of all patient. I have renewed confidence in my accent capability and I have her to thank for it."

Stephen L., Voice Over Actor, South African English

Julie's Conversation Club: Archives

Here are all the details:

What will I learn? 

You'll have access to the replays of every past lesson of Julie's Conversation Club, and every week a new class will be added to the course. 

Each class is divided into two parts. First, Julie gives a lesson on an area of American English pronunciation using innovative and effective teaching methods designed to maximize your progress. The lessons are jam-packed with useful examples, step-by-step instructions, photos, audio, videos, and more!

Lesson topics include: 

  • the pronunciation of vowels and consonants
  • American English placement
  • American English stress and intonation
  • American English rhythm and reductions
  • American English linking
  • Natural English conversation
  • and the most popular class, Ask Me Anything, in which Julie works 1:1 with participants and answers any questions they have about American English pronunciation

After the lesson, participants have the opportunity to practice what they have learned with Julie and receive feedback on their pronunciation skills during the class.

How long will I have access to the replays? 

You will have access to all the replays of Julie's Conversation Club for as long as your subscription is active. You can update your payment information and/or cancel your subscription at any time by going to My Account > Billing.

How often are new lessons added to the course?

A new lesson will be added to the Archives once a week, approximately 24-48 hours after the live class.

How do I join the live classes? 

It's easy to join the live classes at Julie's Conversation Club! Simply enroll in the live class here: Julie's Conversation Club.

Who can join? 

Anyone who is 18 years old and older and wants to improve their English skills is welcome to join.

How much does it cost to join the live classes? 

Join Julie's Conversation Club for only $5 USD for a monthly subscription, or pay for just one month of live classes for $8.99 USD.

What if I join Julie's Conversation Club, but I can't attend a live class. Will I receive a replay of the class?

Yes! If you can't attend the live meeting, no worries. I'll send out a replay to everyone who has an active subscription.

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  • Practice on your schedule

    Watch the replays at a time that's convenient for you. There's no rush - these replays aren't going anywhere! You'll have access to every replay for as long as your subscription is active.

  • Real-life conversations

    Practice your English skills as you watch the lessons and learn the words and phrases that native speakers actually use in their daily conversations!

  • Get answers to your questions!

    If you have a question about American English pronunciation, chances are someone else has it, too! During every class, Julie answers questions from the participants, and it just might be the same question that you have!

  • Effective practice techniques

    Practice with Julie as she teaches you innovative and effective techniques that will help you to master the American accent!

  • Build a community

    Julie's Conversation Club is a place to build a community of people who are doing the same thing as you! You'll be supported and encouraged in every class!

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"This course has so many great nuggets of wisdom!"

"I've crammed down the first four and a half chapters of the Master the American English Vowels for Spanish Speakers course.

This course has so many great nuggets of wisdom! I'm sure other Spanish speakers will love it, too. So far, the part that I love the most is the reduced vowels in sentences as I know it makes such a big difference in speech. And having the chance to repeat each sentence as many times as I want in normal and slower pace is just brilliant!"

Rocio P., Software Engineer, Spanish

Meet your course instructor

Hello! My name is Julie Cunningham, and I've trained thousands of people on their American English pronunciation and voice projection skills. Here's how I can help you.

I've been helping people with their American English pronunciation skills since 2007, when I moved to the Czech Republic to teach English. This experience sparked a desire to return to school and earn a graduate degree in speech and language pathology, then pursue specialized certifications in American English pronunciation and American accent training.

Then I founded my company San Diego Voice and Accent, where I work one-on-one with professionals who want to perfect their American English pronunciation skills, project a clear and confident voice, and maximize their speaking potential.

But I didn't stop there! I've also created online courses on the American accent that target all areas of American English pronunciation and professional voice projection, and I run live English classes every week at my flagship group class called Julie's Conversation Club.

Over the years of working as an American accent coach and professional voice trainer, I've learned a lot about what works and what doesn't work when training your pronunciation skills and voice projection. It's not enough for you to simply "repeat" what you hear; that isn't going to get you the results. You need to practice with the right technique and with the most effective methods, and you need someone there to guide you along the way.

That's why I created the premium online classes and courses from SDVA - to help professionals from all areas of the world and at all levels of English to speak with clarity and confidence, and to reach their goals of becoming a powerful and effective communicator.

The online classes and courses from SDVA give you everything you need to train your American English communication skills successfully, including effective practice techniques, pronunciation help and feedback, and access to the SDVA online community for guidance and support along the way.

Julie Cunningham

Founder of San Diego Voice and Accent

"Julie increased my awareness of how to speak like a native speaker."

"I have worked with Julie for 8 months to improve my accent.

She is an incredible teacher. I like how quickly she could diagnose my pronunciation issues, in particular my tongue placements. She increased my awareness of how to speak like a native speaker. She also gave me drills to improve my speech, some of which are quite innovative such as using a metronome. Julie is very patient and compassionate and fun to work with. I highly recommend her for her skills, caliber, and approaches to quickly move you forward."

Joan Y., Life Coach, Mandarin Chinese