Learn where you're starting from and where you need to go next

If you're working on your English pronunciation skills but you don't know your baseline, you might be focusing on the wrong areas.

Maybe you've just started accent training or you've completed accent training in the past. But either way, chances are you have the same question:  "Which areas of English pronunciation should I focus on?"

If you don't know where to start your training, you might be wasting your time on an area that ultimately won't make that much of a difference in your overall clarity.

The comprehensive speech and accent evaluation from San Diego Voice and Accent will give you details about what your English pronunciation sounds like right now, and then tips on where to focus your training to make the biggest improvements in your speech.

Gain valuable insight into all levels of your speech and accent:

  • Pronunciation of vowels and consonants

  • Stress within words and sentences

  • Intonation patterns

  • Word reductions

  • Linking between syllables and words

  • Voice placement and resonance

  • Rhythm and fluency of speech

  • Thought groups, pausing, and rate of speech

  • Grammar and language skills

  • Conversational English skills

Here's what you'll gain from an evaluation

Maximize your improvement!

  • In-depth analysis

    Establish your baseline pronunciation skills and learn details about how you sound right now in all areas of English pronunciation and fluency.

  • Confidence

    Feel confident that you are focusing your training on the areas that will make the biggest impact on your English skills.

  • Practice the right stuff!

    Maximize your progress with guidance on what to do next using innovative and effective practice techniques.

  • Learn what you're doing right!

    Gain insight into your areas of strength, and learn how to use those stronger areas to boost the areas that need the most improvement.

  • Track your progress

    Use the results of the evaluation as a before-and-after comparison of your pronunciation skills as you complete your training. You'll be amazed at the difference!

Train with confidence

Actionable recommendations that get results


  • Is an evaluation right for me?

    A speech and accent evaluation is an invaluable tool. You'll no longer need to wonder, "What do I sound like to a native speaker?" or "What areas of my accent need the most improvement?" The results of the evaluation will give you that information, and then you can start training the areas that are the most important for you and your specific speech goals.

  • What is the process of completing the evaluation?

    All instructions on how to complete the evaluation are included in the course material. It's simple to complete, and it's 100% online!

  • What is included in the evaluation report?

    You will receive feedback in two ways: a written report (about 12-15 pages long) and a short video that gives you a detailed breakdown of your American English pronunciation and accent.

  • When will I receive my evaluation results?

    You'll receive the results of your evaluation (a written report plus a video that explains the results to you) within 7 days of completing the evaluation.

  • Can I meet with someone to review the results?

    Yes! You can schedule a private, 1:1 session with Julie to review the results of your evaluation and ask any questions you'd like about how to proceed with your accent training. Contact Julie to schedule your session: [email protected].

  • I completed the evaluation. What should I do next to improve my American accent?

    Congrats on completing the evaluation! Now you're ready to start training the specific areas that will have the most impact on the clarity of your speech. You can start your training with English Pro™, a comprehensive, online accent training program offered by SDVA that includes weekly, live English classes. Or you can begin private 1:1 accent training sessions with Julie. Click "All Courses" above to learn more about English Pro™ or email Julie at [email protected].

Meet your evaluation instructor

Hello! My name is Julie Cunningham, and I've trained thousands of people on their American English pronunciation and voice projection skills. Here's how I can help you.

I've been helping people with their American English pronunciation skills since 2007, when I moved to the Czech Republic to teach English. This experience sparked a desire to return to school and earn a graduate degree in speech and language pathology, then pursue specialized certifications in American English pronunciation and American accent training.

Then I founded my company San Diego Voice and Accent, where I work one-on-one with professionals who want to perfect their American English pronunciation skills, project a clear and confident voice, and maximize their speaking potential.

But I didn't stop there! I've also created online courses on the American accent that target all areas of American English pronunciation and professional voice projection, and I run live English classes every week at my flagship group class called Julie's Conversation Club.

Over the years of working as an American accent coach and professional voice trainer, I've learned a lot about what works and what doesn't work when training your pronunciation skills and voice projection. It's not enough for you to simply "repeat" what you hear; that isn't going to get you the results. You need to practice with the right technique and with the most effective methods, and you need someone there to guide you along the way.

That's why I created the premium online classes and courses from SDVA - to help professionals from all areas of the world and at all levels of English to speak with clarity and confidence, and to reach their goals of becoming a powerful and effective communicator.

The online classes and courses from SDVA give you everything you need to train your American English communication skills successfully, including effective practice techniques, pronunciation help and feedback, and access to the SDVA online community for guidance and support along the way.

Julie Cunningham

Founder of San Diego Voice and Accent